Tough on pathogens, not on people

Pathogens can harm patients, staff, and your reputation. Until recently, strong odors, skin irritants or unrealistic contact times were the norm with disinfectants.

Now there’s an alternative with proven efficacy that is friendly to staff and surfaces — Oxivir® Cleaner Disinfectants powered by (AHP®) hydrogen peroxide technology.

• Short contact times:
Contact times as short as 60 seconds for most common pathogens including TB, Bloodborne pathogens, MRSA, VRE and Norovirus

• Excellent toxicity profile at use dilution:
HMIS rating of 0-0-0, no PPE required

• Superior cleaning performance:
Thorough soil removal allows for effective one-step disinfection

• Degradable active ingredient:
Gentle on surfaces with an active that breaks down to oxygen and water