Diversey supporting WHO's World Hand Hygiene Day

Diversey, as a leader supplier of cleaning and hygiene solutions, is partnered with the World Health Organization through the "Private Organizations for Patient Safety" initiative, to promote and provide better hand hygiene.

The 5th of May we celebrate the World Hand Hygiene Day, WHO's annual campaign, with the slogan "Save Lives: Clean your Hands". The World Health Organisation’s Five Moments of Hand Hygiene are pivotal to make better hand hygiene a reality and represent a framework for healthcare workers -including cleaning staff - to follow.


“Hand hygiene is the main solution to stop the spread of infections, caused by either personal contact or touching contaminated surfaces. This should therefore be central to any healthcare cleaning operation and there can be no compromise.”



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Diversey Care supports the Five Moments of Hand Hygiene and offers a complete range of products including disinfectant hand soaps, moisturisers and alcohol rubs which are available in a variety of formulations and formats. The range includes products for regular use, frequent use, food preparation areas and people with allergies.

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SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands 
WHO's Global annual campaign

In order to help you follow WHO's 5 moments of hand hygiene, we are making available for you a series of material from WHO. We encourage you to use these posters, guidelines and flyers to promote proper hand hygiene throughout your organization, as a way to contribute to save lives.


5 moments Poster | Download WHO 5 moments

Flyer | Download flyer to promote 5 moments

Download WHO Guidelines on Hand Hygiene
Summary | Full version

Videos and podcasts

Hand Hygiene Self Assessment

With special thanks to the World Health Organization

Diversey Care is partnered to World Health Organization through Private Organizations for Patient Safety supporting this initiative – World Hand Hygiene Day

”Save lives: Clean your Hands”