Cleaner. Drier. Faster.

The Diversey Dry Foam Carpet Care System is the first low-moisture system to deliver both excellent interim and near extraction quality cleaning.

Providing unbelievably fast dry times (approx. 30 minutes), the CRI-approved system minimizes interruptions to foot traffic and can reduce labor costs.

Dry Foam

Third-party Test Results

The Diversey Dry Foam Carpet Care System delivers near extraction-level cleaning and unmatched resoiling performance in carpet testing. Study findings show impressive results both immediately after carpet cleaning as well as resistance to resoiling over time.

Near Extraction-level Cleaning

The higher the line, the cleaner the carpet.

Unmatched Resistance to Resoiling

The higher the line, the longer the carpets stayed clean over time. If the slope is upward, the cleaning system/method actively prevented resoiling.

Because the Diversey Dry Foam Carpet Care System keeps carpets cleaner longer than competitive systems, the frequency of both full extraction and interim cleaning can be reduced.

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