Unleash Your Data

Robust data collection and reporting anytime, anywhere, in any language.

When your data works harder, you work smarter. Introducing iMAPTM/MC, the data collection and reporting platform that goes where you go and works the way you work.

Use virtually any smart device online or offline. Access custom audits, performance indicators, reports and dashboards.

Get more out of your data with iMAP!


iMAP In Use

iMAP is a web-based data collection and reporting platform used in approximately 60 countries worldwide. iMAP facilitates data collection, collation, and analysis and provides Diversey customers with actionable intelligence for continuous improvement.

  • iMAP can be deployed whenever and wherever data needs to be collected and analyzed
  • Across all sectors, our customers use iMAP to protect their brands, improve customer experience and elevate performance
  • Applications include food safety, cleaning quality, equipment service, corporate sustainability, and many more

Features Include:

Convenient, easy data capture on virtually any device
  • Use Android and Apple phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers online or offline
Custom audits, reports, dashboards, advisories and corrective actions online or automatically emailed
  • Robust analyses identify areas for greater efficiency and improved customer satisfaction
  • Powerful reports highlight opportunities for brand protection and increased compliance
  • Drill-down reports show data for a single question, site, geography, or across your entire enterprise
Secure, easily accessible data
  • Cloud storage ensures data access anywhere you have Internet access
  • Data and report access levels ensure users only view the information they’ve been authorized to see
  • ISO-compliant password standards and encrypted data transfer protect sensitive information