The appearance of your facilities makes an impression. Be sure it conveys how much you care.

You provide the highest standards of personal care – and we help you do it in the cleanest, safest environment possible. Whether you’re welcoming a weary traveler, serving a festive meal or caring for a patient, you can trust Diversey brands to help clean and sanitize every surface you touch. We help you protect the people you care for, convey a strong impression of quality care, and build trust. While you deliver superior care, we help you improve your operations with our products, services and expertise that save water and energy, reduce waste and enhance efficiency.

Clever Cleaning solutions for hotels

Sparkling surroundings = sparkle in your guest’s eyes. Through our recent guest satisfaction research and our in-depth experience across thousands of hospitality sites we understand the cleaning and hygiene challenges you face – on “stage” and at the heart of house. Fresh linen, sparkling, hygienic bathroom and shining glasses make the difference in guest satisfaction. We are partnering with you to continuously innovate in order to meet and exceed your guests’ expectations by offering tailor-made cleaning solutions and valuable services.

Decide for Diversey’s clever cleaning solutions for hotels. And show your guest’s that cleanliness counts. Make them return time after time.


Your patients and their families trust you with their lives and their well-being. Trust us to work with you to deliver the Infection Prevention solutions across your facility that will help you to constantly improve patient outcomes and improve your operational efficiency.

We will use our in depth understanding of your business to reduce risk via disinfection, cleaning and hygiene programs in clinical areas, restrooms and public spaces as well as the kitchen and laundry that reinforces the trust and confidence your patients and staff  place in your care.

Featured Solutions

A line of Cleaner Disinfectants based on proprietary hydrogen peroxide (AHP®) technology to deliver fast, effective disinfecting performance.  Oxivir products are gentle on surfaces and easy-to-use because they’re non-irritating to skin and eyes at use dilutions. The active ingredient breaks down into water and oxygen, making it environmentally responsible.  Learn More

RoomCare is a total system designed to offer a complete cleaning solution that has safe and easy to use products combined with training and support as well as cost control. Learn More

Diversey Consulting
An independent consulting group of Sealed Air specializing in solutions for food safety, risk management, operational efficiency and brand protection. Learn More

mww-machineDiversey Machine Ware Washing
Go to the machine warewashing animation to learn more on warewashing proces. There are some handy tips there.
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