Green & Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

Sustainability. For your business. And for the environment.

Diversey’s innovative and sustainable cleaning programs improve efficiency and protect the environment. 

We’ve noticed a lot of companies talking about the environment lately. And since we’ve made sustainability a centerpiece of our business for more than 130 years, we’re happy to welcome others to the discussion. The more the merrier. But as a longtime pioneer of innovative green technologies, Diversey has the unique ability to deliver more sustainable cleaning solutions – for the environment and for your business. Healthy High Performance Cleaning (HHPC), our proprietary approach, offers strategic planning, best practices and guidelines to clean for health, safety and the environment. HHPC also includes widely accepted purchasing guidelines to help you formalize your requests for chemicals, janitorial paper and liners, tools and equipment.


A number of our chemical products are rigorously tested and certified by independent organizations such as Green SealTM, Environmental Choice, GreenGuard, EU Flower and Nordic Swan. These products include: glass cleaners, general-purpose cleaners, restroom cleaners, industrial degreasers, carpet cleaners, floor finishes/sealers and floor finish strippers.

We also have many environmentally preferable products developed and manufactured according to our own best-in-class criteria. We test for performance, reduced environmental impact and enhanced safety. These products include: toilet bowl cleaners, odor control systems, wood- and stone-care products, environmental surface disinfectants, skin care products and specialty cleaners.

Dispensing Technology

Our innovative dosing and dispensing technology precisely dilutes concentrated products with tap water to make cleaning safer, more cost effective and to have less impact on the environment.


We offer pioneering cleaning tools that minimize environmental impact and improve safety. For example, our hygienic cleaning system with microfiber pad technology cuts floor care time in half. And all of our microfiber-based systems and tools significantly reduce particulates and the threat of cross-contamination.

Training and Support

Cleaning for health and the environment takes more than products alone. It requires the right practices. That's why we developed the Healthy High Performance Cleaning program. HHPC is a comprehensive program for green cleaning. The HHPC manual is essential to an integrated program of green products, consumables, tools, equipment, procedures and training.