It's a New Day in Cleaning

Traditional facility cleaning is an “out of sight, out of mind” process. The cleaners show up at night, clean the building, and are gone by the next morning.

But a different approach to facility cleaning -- cleaning during daytime hours -- offers substantial financial and non-financial benefits for facility managers and building owners.

Day cleaning provides savings through lower energy costs and increased productivity. Building occupants also are willing to do their part to keep facilities clean when they see cleaning workers in action, reducing cleaning workers' workloads and labor costs.

Diversey developed its Healthy High Performance Cleaning (HHPC) training academy and certification for building service contractors to help building service contractors implement a day cleaning program with excellence. Diversey's program also ensures property managers have access to service providers who are capable of executing day cleaning with excellence.

Watch the HHPC video to see day cleaning in action and listen to experts in the industry, including Dave Hewett, inPoint Advisors; Gene Woodard, University of Washington; Steve Spencer, State Farm Insurance; and Jennifer Corbett-Shramo, Innovative Cleaning Services and Clean Solutions Inc., discuss the accelerating trend of day cleaning:

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