Sustainable & Green Businesses

Our focus on sustainability is not just for us, but for our customers and their customers

At Diversey, sustainability isn’t a buzzword. It’s a byword. It is at the heart of how we’re delivering a cleaner, healthier future for the world.

We’re not simply operating our own business more sustainably. We’re helping our customers protect their customers and their brands while they reduce their costs, improve their profitability, and enhance their public image. And we’re helping businesses see sustainability practices as a competitive advantage, not a burden.

There is no clearer case in point than our commitment to Climate Savers, the internationally acclaimed, rigorous greenhouse gas reduction program of the World Wildlife Fund. We’ve vowed to cut our carbon dioxide emissions by 25 percent by 2013. Our commitment to a 25 percent reduction is more than triple what we agreed to just a year earlier when we signed the Climate Savers covenant — and we’ll recoup nearly 130 percent in operational savings compared to what we will invest to reach that commitment.

How is that possible? Simple. CO2 emissions are a powerful indicator of waste: they damage the earth’s environment, cost money to produce in the form of expended energy, and don’t add value to what we offer our customers.

Diversey is Proud to Support

Let the Clean Economy Begin

In partnership with the World Wildlife Fund, Diversey is part of "Let the Clean Economy Begin," an alliance with 21 other global companies to counter the myth that cutting carbon is bad for business.

2009 Global Responsibility Report

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And while greenhouse gas emissions are a critical indicator of the sustainability of any enterprise, they’re not the only focus we take. We’ve integrated our sustainability focus into a framework of continuous improvement in six key aspects of what we do: operating our facilities, serving our customers, enriching our communities, strengthening our workforce, collaborating with our partners and governing our business.

Sustainability is also about social responsibility and the global community


of water saved by collecting storm water near our global headquarters every year.

25 PERCENT      

We've committed to cut our carbon dioxide emissions by 25 percent by 2013.

100 PRODUCTS     

certified by independent, third party groups for meeting health, safety and environment criteria.