8 Essentials for your Food Safety Toolbox (Part 2 of 2)

In my previous blog, I highlighted the first four tools that your organization needs to adopt in order to maintain food safety. In this final blog, I am outlining the final four essentials. Altogether, these eight tools will safeguard your business and your customers.

  1. Hand hygiene compliance: Keeping track of employee hand hygiene throughout a busy dinner rush isn’t simple, and without easy-to-access and reliable sanitizing stations, food can become contaminated and cause an outbreak. Diversey’s IntelliCare dispensers offer full hand hygiene compliance by tracking real-time data and providing updates and alerts when product or battery runs low.
  2. In-store traceability solutions: Inventory management is key to maintaining food safety. In-store traceability is an emerging concept that allows businesses to view operations by department or product category and gather data in order to manage inventory and reduce food waste and potential safety issues.
  3. Digital training: Employees come and go frequently within the industry, so it’s important to have regular training sessions to teach new and existing employees about food safety protocols, regulations, updates and other important information. Digital training platforms provide user-friendly programs for employees who speak different languages and allow managers to easily track compliance.
  4. Secure library: Updating your food safety toolbox means having a centralized library that can store manuals, procedures, HACCP regulatory documents, inspection reports and more to ensure a restaurant is ready for any eventuality.

Today, consumers demand more transparency to know about the food they eat. Every detail matters when it comes to food safety, and each point informs another. So, a structured, connected answer to food safety management would not only help you meet compliance, it would take you way beyond. Learn more about Diversey’s food safety solutions here.