Diversey Care Recognizes Innovation in the Hospitality Industry

Creating a better way of life may not be an easy task but it’s one to which Diversey Care is committed.  By providing solutions that improve efficiency, safety and sustainability, we are on a path to reimagine the cleaning sector. And we strive to recognize organizations that are reimagining their own industries, such as those within the hospitality market.

At the recent 14th annual Worldwide Hospitality Awards, Diversey Care honored one organization that is doing extraordinary things for its staff, guests and local communities.  Each year, the awards committee receives nearly 150 applications from leading hotel brands and groups around the world.  Diversey Care sponsors the “Best Initiative in Sustainable Development,” which identifies a hotel brand or group that implements sustainability best practices and/or social responsibility.

This year, Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) emerged with the award for their “Shelter in a storm” programme.  The innovative initiative ensures that IHG hotels are prepared to immediately care for guests, colleagues and local communities in times of disaster.  The programme encourages hotel and corporate employees to donate to the IHG® Shelter Fund, which uses contributions to provide financial support, food and beverage, vital supplies and accommodation to those affected by tragedy.  The programme also offers guidance detailing when and how hotels can best respond to disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes.

Congratulations to IHG hotels and all of the other finalists honored at this year’s event. Each award is well-deserved and demonstrates that sustainable development and social responsibility can and should be a priority in order to reimagine the hospitality industry.