Diversey’s Debut at the Industry’s Leading Exhibition

Last week end users, building service contractors and distributors within the cleaning industry gathered in Las Vegas for ISSA INTERCLEAN 2017 to learn about the latest solutions for improving cleanliness, efficiency, safety, sustainability and the bottom line. For Diversey, this was an especially exciting exhibition as it was the first INTERCLEAN show since becoming a standalone company. We debuted a new look to our booth, which showcased solutions for everything from infection prevention to kitchen to restroom to floor care. We had meetings with hundreds of existing and new customers who congratulated us on our leadership of the industry.

Our booth buzzed with excitement over our chemicals, tools, machines and services, including products that competed for ISSA’s coveted Innovation Award.

  • The TASKI® SWINGOBOT 2000 is a hands-free robotic floor care machine that operates autonomously via sonar, 2D LIDAR, touch shield sensors and floor-detector sensors. The machine avoids obstacles and will stop if it detects a change in its environment. It also enhances productivity by allowing employees to focus on tasks outside of floor care. The TASKI SWINGBOT 2000 is also equipped with Diversey’s intelligent technologies like IntelliTrail®, Intelli-Trak, IntelliDose and IntelliFlow.

  •  The MoonBeam3 is a portable, powerful and affordable device that uses ultraviolet light to disinfect high-touch surfaces in as little as three minutes. Ideal for patient rooms and bathrooms in healthcare facilities, MoonBeam features articulating arms that allow users to direct the UVC light at both vertical and horizontal surfaces. The cover also serves as a carrying case for the roughly 40 pound device, making it easy to move from room to room for fast and effective disinfection that promotes safer and more satisfying environments of care.

  •  Several units of the SKY® 7Xi, a mobile device disinfection solution, were placed around the booth so that visitors could quickly and easily disinfect their cell phones and tablets using UVC light. These devices carry an astounding number of germs, so it’s important for them to be properly disinfected, especially in environments such as healthcare facilities.

  •  Throughout the show floor, visitors could take advantage of our IntelliCare dispensers, the industry’s first hybrid automatic hand care dispenser. The system alerts facility managers to low product and battery levels to ensure that hand hygiene doesn’t go interrupted.

Outside of the bustling tradeshow floor, Diversey also sponsored two educational seminars: The Hands-Free Robotic Cleaning Evolution by Joe Mann, global VP, facilities & machines and Jan-Willem Tinge, VP, facilities & machines, and Gaining Added Assurance in Infection Prevention by Jim Gauthier, senior clinical advisor, infection prevention. These seminars provided opportunities to educate attendees about the benefits of robotic floor care machines and UVC disinfection devices.

Finally, I had the honor of hosting the ISSA Hygieia Network awards ceremony. This annual event celebrates extraordinary professionals, both men and women, who are dedicated to advancing and retaining women within the workplace. As chairwoman of the organization, this celebration is special to me because it is an opportunity to recognize the industry’s invisible heroes whose incredible accomplishments often go unnoticed. See the full list of winners here.

 This years’ INTERCLEAN show marked a new beginning for Diversey, and one that will lead us towards a brighter future. To relive the excitement of the show, watch our day 1 and day 2 recap videos, and the final show film the highlights and even some fun moments.