Give Us a Hand to Raise Hand Hygiene Awareness

Getting more people on board with hand hygiene has the power to positively change the world around us. Hand hygiene promotes patient safety, employee health and food safety. This is because clean hands can reduce the spread of foodborne disease outbreaks, healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs), respiratory infections and unnecessary deaths. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), HCAIs are the major problem for patient safety with more than 1.4 million patients worldwide suffering from them. Therefore, it is essential to prioritize the promotion of hand hygiene in health care settings.  

Yet, research shows that many people do not wash their hands when they should, and those that do are not always washing them properly. In an effort to highlight the importance of hand hygiene, Diversey Care is partnered with the WHO through the Private Organizations for Patient Safety initiative. As an active member, the company is supporting WHO’s World Hand Hygiene Day, celebrated on May 5th. With the slogan “Save Lives: Clean Your Hands”, this initiative aims to engage a wide variety of stakeholders globally. For that, Diversey Care is actively sharing WHO’s materials while launching a unique contest worldwide.

The contest consists of two categories. Participants will either create a piece of art out of a hand-shaped template that can be downloaded, or submit a photo capturing hands. The art should convey the theme: “creating a better way for life through hand hygiene.” The participants with the most creative submission in each category will receive:

Individual Prize – Canvas competition: 1 iPad

Individual Prize – Photo contest: 1 iPad

Team Award – Winner lunch/dinner for the whole team including Hand Hygiene Focus (Training, samples, etc.)

All of the art received will be displayed as murals in the reception areas of Diversey Care local offices to demonstrate our commitment to hand hygiene and support of the WHO. Submissions will be accepted May 5-31.

We are an ongoing supporter of hand hygiene. We provide a consistent range of innovative products and superior expertise deployed across 175 countries. Our goal is to deliver safer, simpler and smarter solutions to remove obstacles to proper hand hygiene. Improving hand hygiene awareness will help us reach success.

We look forward to seeing your submissions and the ways you will be promoting hand hygiene. For World Hand Hygiene Day updates, please follow Diversey Care on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn.