Riding Towards Improved Cleanliness, Safety and Sustainability

Every retailer must prioritize cleanliness, especially floor care, to maintain customer satisfaction and safety. While busy stores may conduct daily floor maintenance, others may clean only once per week. Although the frequency of cleaning is dependent upon foot traffic and the types of soils entering the facility, the essential characteristics of a floor care machine remain the same: ergonomic, intuitive, safe and effective.

Recently, a leading retail building service contractor (BSC) purchased 60 TASKI® machines, the majority being TASKI swingo 4000, along with several XP-R and 5000 models. These machines will be used across 60 supermarket chain locations in the southern U.S. Ride-on machines like the TASKI swingo 4000 are ideal machines for these environments, as they offer benefits for both BSCs and retailers.

Features well-matched for floor care

The TASKI swingo 4000 is a ride-on auto-scrubber and the only machine featuring a large working width and large tank size with the outer dimensions of a more compact unit. The tank holds 53 gallons, compared to the typical 30-gallon tank on a walk-behind machine. This allows employees to be more productive, stopping less frequently to refill a tank. In some cases, employees have reported filling the machine once, compared to three or four times with a walk-behind machine with a smaller tank. 

The TASKI swingo 4000 uses IntelliFlow to ensure that the right amount of cleaning solution is delivered to the floor. This patented feature reduces water use and means that too much solution will never be dispensed when the machine slows and turns, which can negatively impact cleaning efficiency, safety and sustainability.

The machine is also equipped with a patented, self-adjusting, W-shaped squeegee that offers superior water pick-up, even along curves, while turning and operating on uneven floors. This eliminates standing water puddles and the need to perform a second pass with the machine.

Additionally, because it is a ride-on machine, the TASKI swingo 4000 allows employees to sit in a comfortable and ergonomic position to clean rather than walk. Employees are elevated, allowing them to better see floors and obstacles.

The TASKI swingo 4000 can also be equipped with IntelliTrail®, an intelligent fleet tracking solution that gives managers 24/7 visibility of their assets.

Benefits for BSCs

The TASKI swingo 4000 provides numerous benefits for BSCs, including:

  • Labor savings. Ahead of implementation at the supermarket chain locations, one test site saved an hour and a half of labor. This is due to employees filling the tank less often and 4-wheel steering that makes the machine more maneuverable. The BSC estimates that the machine will save about two hours of labor per day at each supermarket location. More efficient cleaning can help BSCs be more profitable and deliver better service.
  • Water savings. The same trial showed that the machine reduced water use by roughly 70 gallons per day. Water savings alone can help BSCs be more competitive in bid environments, as they have proven sustainability savings tied to their cleaning.
  • Improved work conditions. Some floor care machines can put unnecessary strain on workers. A ride-on machine offers less wear and tear on individuals because they are seated while cleaning. This can improve employee satisfaction and may help reduce workers’ compensation claims and days away from work.

A win for retailers too

The TASKI swingo 4000 also passes on benefits to retailers, as it improves the appearance and safety of their floors. Clean floors provide customers with an optimal walking surface free of puddles and also project a high level of professionalism and customer service. Not only can cleanliness keep customers in the store longer, it encourages repeat business.

Additionally, BSCs can pass on the water savings delivered from the machine to the retailer. Retailers can promote these environmental savings in their annual sustainability reports and even in communications to customers to enhance loyalty.

To learn more about how TASKI swingo 4000 can support cleaning programs in retail environments, as well as airports, hospitals and schools, visit www.taski.com/solutions/taski-swingo-4000.