Sustainability: A Key Innovation Driver

Sustainability: A Key Innovation Driver

Our latest Annual Sustainability Report details our new “Facilitators for Life” strategy for improving the environment, protecting and caring for people and innovating sustainable solutions. The report also includes 12 goals, four each for these three pillars, for 2025.  

In addition to tasking our Supply Chain organization with sustainability improvements, Diversey will look to its R&D team to move the needle on these 12 goals. R&D will support our initiatives through use of a sustainability scorecard, committing to green chemistry and reducing our packaging footprint.

Scoring Sustainability

Our sustainability scorecard is embedded into our innovation process to ensure we continue to develop new products and technologies that deliver sustainability value to customers. R&D will use the scorecard on 100 percent of our innovation projects.  The scorecard has three technology platforms: chemicals, packaging, and equipment. In each of the platforms, there are five life cycle categories: raw materials, manufacturing, distribution and storage, product use, and end of life.

For each product type, there are up to 25 individual criteria, such as compliance with our Responsible Chemistry Policy, renewable material content, efficient manufacturing, reduced water use at the customer site and recyclability. By paying close attention to these criteria, we will continue to make improvements to sustainability performance.

Ensuring Safe Products

Ensuring new or modified products are safe for customers and the environment is R&D’s top priority. The R&D Regulatory and Toxicology team ensures R&D is compliant with the different regional and local country regulations and provides customers with thorough information on the safe handling and use of our products. Additionally, our Responsible Chemistry Policy carefully manages chemicals by classifying them into one of five groups, including; banned (not to be used in Diversey products), phase out (not permitted in new formulations), risk management (used only in applications where safe usage can be ensured), watch (under review) and free to use (can be used without any specific restrictions).

Innovation Leads to Savings

Recent instances of R&D innovation that drives sustainability include:

  • TASKI AERO is a quieter and powerful vacuum cleaner that uses less energy and meets the most stringent Eco Certification criteria. Facilities can quietly clean during the day without disturbing customers while also contributing to a reduction in greenhouse gases.  
  • The SURE Natural product range of cleaning products are made from plant-based, naturally derived raw materials that are fully biodegradable after use. The range offers excellent cleaning and hygiene performance and allows customers to maintain a sustainable operation. 
  • Our Clax Polar laundry chemical reduces laundry wash temperatures to room temperature, allowing laundries to reduce their electricity bill by 50 percent and capture 15 percent time savings on each wash load.
  • When possible, we incorporate recycled plastics into many bottles and use over 60 percent recycled paper board in global cardboard packaging to reduce the need for new resources. The recycled paper board saves 9,000 tons of wood fiber annually, the equivalent to saving nearly 55,000 trees each year. 
  • We minimize the amount of plastic in bottles and canisters through light weighting. For example, making adjustments to our trigger sprayers reduced plastic usage by 96,000 pounds per year. We also use concentrates in our J-Fill, Smart Dose, J-Flex and Optifill products to avoid the use of over 375 million pounds of plastic per year compared to ready-to-use bottles.

At Diversey, R&D views sustainability as a fundamental component of delivering successful innovations to the market. In fact, the R&D Strategies vision statement includes the phrase, "Keeping sustainability at the core of all we do.” By starting at the innovation level, we will build a future filled with solutions that support sustainability and drive progress.

To learn more about our Facilitators for Life strategy and 2025 goals, view our latest sustainability report here: