Simple-to-use, versatile, gelled solvent spotter. This unique solvent and detergent formula easily removes gum, adhesives, tar, oils, grease, ink and marker. Milky white with a citrus scent.

All-purpose, water-based spotter fortified with hydrogen peroxide. Low-residue formula will not resoil your carpet. Gets out tough stains?even the old ones! Safe on all carpets, including wool.

All-purpose, solvent-based spotter. Removes paint, oil, grease, asphalt, tar and shoe polish. Colorless with a fruity scent.


Removes a broad spectrum of organic spots, including vomit, urine and blood. Powerful formula digests spots quickly. Yellow in color with a mild scent.

Works on tough food and beverage stains, including fruit punch, red wine, fruit juice and red soft drinks. Can be used for cold or hot transfer stain removal. Colorless with a mild scent.

Effective on coffee and tea stains. Use for general debrowning. Light yellow in color with a fruity scent.

Heavy-use carpets last longer and look like new with Diversey's EduCare Carpet Spotter.