Floor Care


For daily and periodic use.

Floor cleaner to remove the toughest dirt and grime

Achieve the ultimate high-quality appearance with our floor cleaners.

Floor finishes to protect your floors from dirt and scratches

Create a long-lasting finish on any substrate with our floor finishes.

Heavy-duty floor strippers to remove build-up

Heavy-duty performance on heavy polishes and build-up with Diversey's floor strippers.

Floor sealers to protect against scuffing, spills and stains

Our floor sealers offer complete sealed protection on any substrate.

Tackle nearly every unique floor issue with ease.

Additional parts, tools and pads to help keep your floor to the highest appearance standards.

Sanding and floor finish applications.

Wood floor finish providing excellent durability and protection

Delivering the ultimate protection for wood floors.

Rejuvenates and protects.