Hand Hygiene

When it comes to staying healthy and taking care of yourself, hand hygiene is a critical component to keeping germs at bay. It’s more than just product claims and directions for use. It’s about making sure the right products are available when and where needed, that they are accessible and that they work for all skin types. Diversey defines this cycle as hand hygiene moments. 

To address these moments no matter the situation, following are the key elements to be considered for each solution and environment. 

  • Availability – Are the products in stock and available to use on a regular basis? One of the most common reasons professionals fail to comply with hand hygiene requirements is not having the product available when needed. We are focused on ensuring this situation never arises. This means making the products available in the right locations, but also making sure dispensed solutions are delivered quickly, in the right quantity and make it simple for professionals to return to work or chores immediately. 
  • Accessibility – Making products accessible to everyone who needs them is a key factor. Customers and users can choose solutions that specifically ensure better hand hygiene is not only present where the need is, but also accounts for difficulties different users may have in accessing the benefits our solutions offer. Being able to integrate hand hygiene solutions at work stations and where people are present barriers to “reaching out” for better hand hygiene.
  • Effective Infection Prevention and Safety for Sensitive Skin - Whether soap, moisturizing cream or a hand sanitizer, Diversey products have been carefully formulated and dermatologically tested to insure that their state-of-the-art infection prevention products are safe for everyone to use. The products are designed with pH values that nearly match the skin’s own or where moisturizing occurs at the same time as eliminating undesired germs. 

Diversey personal care solutions support a wide variety of needs across multiple customer industries including hospitality, food service, health care, and retail. Diversey is committed to changing the game for hand hygiene moments through continuous innovation and collaboration with our customers.