Diversey Hygiene Academy

Cloud based training courses developed to simplify training and address the skills gap in the Food and Beverage industry

Having a well-trained workforce that recognises hygiene issues is an important step to avoiding cross-contamination which could affect brand reputation. In today's food and beverage industry, addressing the skills gap has became a significant challenge.

Providing a system that ensures the workforce is trained to perform to their best may pose additional challenges to companies. With frequent staff turn over face to face training is often complex to manage and very costly.

With these challenges in mind, Diversey has created the Hygiene Academy; A cloud based solution that provides an eLearning environment for food and beverage manufacturing professionals. A range of courses developed by Diversey are available, plus additional inbuilt flexibility which allows corporate users to manage and deploy their own training courses from the same platform.

Courses can be accessed as part of a company-wide initiative or can be purchased directly by individual users looking to improve their knowledge and professional development.

Browse the categories below to see the e-learning courses available and to learn more about the Hygiene Academy platform.

Diversey Hygiene Academy Professional Certifications

Courses from the range combined into study bundles to simplify your learning path.

Hygiene Fundamentals Award

Hygiene Academy Professional Certificate

Hygiene Academy Advanced Professional Certificate

Microbiology Certificate


Essential courses

The foundation principles of hygiene to enable you to build an understanding of the role and importance of cleaning.

Cleaning Safely With Detergents

Principles of Cleaning I

Principles of Cleaning II

Microbiology for Food and Beverage Plants


Application courses

Training courses developed for specific hygiene applications commonly found in the food and beverage Industry.

Open Plant Cleaning (OPC)

Cleaning in Place (CIP) Fundamentals

Cleaning in Place (CIP) Advanced

Bottle Washing

Membrane Cleaning

Track Treatment

Crate Washing


Process courses

Advanced courses dedicated to site wide best practices.

GMP and Personal Hygiene for Food Plants

Allergen management


Specific microbe control courses

Courses focused on specific microbes that might impact food and beverage production via direct or cross contamination. These courses help to increase awareness and provide prgmatical advices on mitigation and reduction of food safety risks within your process.

Listeria Management For Food Plants

Campylobacter Management For Food Plants

Biofilm Management for Food Plants

Salmonella Management For Food Plants



Diversey Hygiene Academy is one solution within the Diversey Knowledge Based Services portfolio. These services are designed to help you address food safety and operational efficiency challenges while reducing your total cost of operation. Discover more services in the portfolio.

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