60% of what happens in the kitchen is connected to the dishwasher.
improving operational efficiency with smart dishwasher calculate dishwashing costs

IntelliDish™ by Diversey  connects your kitchen to the cloud, making remote performance management a reality.

IntelliDish turns data into dishwashing insights – sending data from your kitchen’s machines to an interactive dashboard and emailing alerts directly to your inbox.

interactive dishwashing machine

Learn how Suma Revoflow and IntelliDish can change your business by:

  • Optimizing uptime with immediate corrective action and automated hygiene compliance
  • Reducing costs of water, energy, cleaning product and labor
  • Providing actionable, real-time insights and proactive maintenance advice


Introduction video
Demo video dashboard
Intellidish infographic
With a focus on the highest standards of safety and hygiene,

this innovative system can help Diversey customers build trust and reputation where they operate. Particularly useful in managing across multi-site operations, this new, state-of-the-art, remote monitoring system for commercial dishwashers can help you:

GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME: Save on time and cost by not having to rewash dishes

MAKE COMPLIANCE MORE EFFICIENT: Recieve automated compliance reports

OPTIMIZE RESOURCE USE: Increase the efficiency of water, energy and chemical usage

RESPOND QUICKLY TO PROBLEMS: Immediate training, auto-correct errors and targeted customer service

PROACTIVELY ADDRESS ISSUES: Reduce downtime by anticipating potential “out of order” issues and proactive advice on improved maintenance

PREDICT FUTURE NEEDS: Consulting and feedback opportunities to further improve dishwashing and kitchen operations

IntelliDish is part of our Internet of Clean™ platform which connects machines, dispensers, sensors, beacons and other smart devices.