The Future of Cleaning

Monday, April 13, 2015

Fifty years ago, the idea of robots completing certain tasks might have seemed like a fantasy or a plot out of a science fiction film. However, today robotics are becoming increasingly common for both consumer and business use. In fact, a recent Business Insider Intelligence Report found that there will be a $1.5 billion market for consumer and business robots by 2019. The report identified the three dominant categories for consumer/office use as cleaning/maintenance, “telepresence” or telecommunication, and home entertainment.

Many of you may even already own a robotic vacuum for your home, but what if you could use one at your business?  It’s possible with hands-free vacuums, scrubbers and sweepers that offer greater working widths. Robotic floor care machines are being used today within numerous retail stores, hospitals, airports, hotels, manufacturing plants, offices and other commercial spaces.

The benefits of robotic floor care machines include:

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