Ready to Reopen

Hospitals, Clinics, Extended Care Facilities

Crucial to the infrastructure of a community and must be among the first elements to return to operation after a disaster. Though makeshift medical facilities may have been set up during a disaster, only permanent healthcare facilities have the capabilities and equipment to provide continuous care while the community recovers.

Hotels & Motels

Proper housing accommodations are important to the community’s infrastructure as they have the ability to provide housing for relief and repair workers and/or offer short-term housing for area residents while they restore or rebuild their homes. These businesses will be critical for re-establishing commercial and tourist activities of the area.

Food Retailers & Food Service Providers

A safe food supply is critical to a community recovering from a natural disaster. It is essential that these establishments are back in operation and able to provide customers with safe and wholesome food.

Office & Commercial Buildings

Cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing your facility are critical steps to promptly return your building and your business to normal operations as soon as possible after a natural disaster. The ability of local businesses to return to “normal business activities” is important to the state of the local economy.

Proper cleaning and hygiene are critical to protecting the health and safety of the local community

Personal Hygiene

Before you begin cleaning and disinfecting your place of business, first practice good personal hygiene. Flood waters especially may contain such contaminants as organisms from overflowing sewage treatment plants or agricultural run-off, as well as toxic chemicals from industrial spills. Good personal hygiene is vital to prevent illness.

Debris Clean-up

Before you begin cleaning up debris, first ensure you are wearing proper protective equipment to avoid the potential of exposure and injury.